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National Capital Amateur Football Association
National Capital Amateur Football Association

Recent Peewee News

Summer Elite U15 and U17 Teams Program!

NCAFA Announces the Launch of Summer Elite U15 and U17 Teams Program!


December 10th, 2018

Ready! S.E.T.! Hut!

The National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) today announced the launch of a new spring/summer program. The NCAFA Summer Elite Teams (NCAFA S.E.T. Program) will begin play in 2019 with the objective to identify the top 88 players between the ages of 13-16 in the National Capital Region to form a U15 and U17 team. The players will be exposed to the highest level coaching, including university, high school and community-level coaches and which will create a tremendous summer football experience. The S.E.T. Program will place a strong emphasis on skill development, speed training and creating an understanding of how to get to the NEXT LEVEL.


Up to six games will be played by each team against opponents in Ontario and Quebec culminating with the Montreal tournament formally known as the Spalding Cup (July 7-14). Dates are currently being finalized for a series of dome session try-outs beginning in February. Practices (two per week) and games will be held at central locations in the city. The program will not play games every week nor will there be any activities during high school exam week, allowing families to better enjoy their summers and players to focus on their academics. Players will represent their NCAFA and high school programs by wearing their own helmets while coming together under a single banner. A Program-branded clothing package will be included with registration.


As of December 10th, the Coaching Applications are open for submissions. Any coaches interested in participating in the S.E.T. Program can submit an application to Interested Head Coach candidates should have a strong knowledge of the game of football, have some playing and/or coaching experience, be highly motivated and extremely well organized. Applicants should be prepared to include members of their coaching staff in their application and be prepared to present a recruiting plan player development plan for the season. In addition, all individuals interested in support staff positions (coordinators, assistant coaches, mangers & trainers) should also submit their interest to the above email address.


Player registration is now open at the following link A try out fee of $50 is required at registration with the full registration fee of $400 due at a later date.


NCAFA S.E.T. Program Management Team

Steve Dean - President, NCAFA

Mark Ouellet - General Manager, NCAFA S.E.T. Program

Gawain Harding - Quebec Ambassador, NCAFA S.E.T. Program

Gord Champaigne - Treasurer, NCAFA

Jesse Card - Media Coordinator, NCAFA S.E.T. Program

Larry Ring - Player and Coaching Coordinator, NCAFA S.E.T. Program

Mike Rouleau - Business and Facilities Coordinator, NCAFA S.E.T. Program


NCAFA is an amateur youth football organization in the Ottawa area with teams for children up to the age of 18 since 1955. There are a total of 15 organizations across Ottawa and have worked in partnership with the Ottawa REDBLACKS Foundation to provide opportunities to low-income families.

For more information, please contact Mark by email at

2018 Peewee All-Star Selections are announced

By Jesse Card 12/06/2018, 12:15pm EST

All-Star Selections are announced

This week NCAFA is pleased to announce all the 2018 team All Star selections as voted by coaches and league executive. Congratulations to all the Peewee All Star selections. 

Cornwall Wildcats Peewee: 


#1 QB - Xavier Uhr

#17 RB - Noah Cardinal

#55 OL - Liam Lalonde 

#30 LB - Cameron Belisle

#66 DL - Keegan McNally


Bengals Pee Wee 

Emmet Young #56

Joseph Sisk #11

Zac Brunet #16

Alexi Denis #81

Kian Malloy #94


West Carleton PeeWee 

Jake Glofcheski   ......QB

Carter Kaspardlov .....DL

Jonathon Stroud ....OL

Keegan Brunet.....RB

Mack Thurston ....DB


Myers PeeWee 

Andrew O'Connell RB

Nasser Mundy DE

Manny Manseray LB

Luca Farinaccio LB

James Donnelly DB


Vikings PeeWee 

Nick Leclerc (QB) #35

Guillaume Nicolas (OL) #99

Jahim Kabongo (WR) #31

Jason Pelletier (DL) #24

Nicholas Landreville (DL) #22

Joshua Awoodzie (DB) #34


Eagles Peewee:

Brice Ebenath LB -50

Nick Deacon DB -34

Xander Bertrand DB-8

Titus Diceman SB/FB-1

Etison Pholo OL-37

Justin Rowe SB-9


Lions PeeWee 

RB Jerry Momo
QB Tom Dufour
OG William Copeland
DE Jacob Astley
LB Erin Childs


Knights Peewee

Dante Clark #21 FB

Nathan Ferrar #65 OL

Jonah Thelen #52 DE

Cyril Shingarov #46 LB

Joshua Thelen #48 LB



Dylan Nakamura QB
Khalid Ngala RB
Leo Gabriel Llemaresas DL
Riley Sherman OL
Tomarion Hall LB




Khalid Campbell RB #35

Cordel Epale REC #11

Clark O’Connor LB #38

Henry Hollo LB #24

Jeffrey Kalambayi OL #63



Owen Lavigne

Mikaylah Laroque

Isaiah Markell Ayalogu

Caleb Munro

Loic Paré



Jayden Bonhomme - REC / QB

Seth Poirier - QB

Marcus Oreggio - Plange - RB

Antonio Bonhomme - LB

Dominic Kisenga - LB

Jason Catil - LB