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National Capital Amateur Football Association
National Capital Amateur Football Association
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    Use this code for discounted tickets for anyone who participates in NCAFA all season long. Just want to make sure as many families as possible are able to access this and utilize this discount!

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    Ottawa RedBlacks

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    OSEG and the Ottawa RedBlacks are major supporters of the NCAFA and amateur football in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.  In partnership with the OSEG Foundation and game day 50-50 programs, NCAFA Has been able to make football affordable to over 2,500 participants . This extends to both contact and non-contact programs as well.

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    • The Youth Sports Network is a Sports Brand Elevation Agency & Social Enterprise, aimed at providing 21st century job skills to youth (15-25) years of age and developing local employment for youth in Canada.

      The Youth Sports Network has become the local authority on youth sports coverage in Ottawa, ON. With a wide reach of youth athletes, coaches, and their families, and a diverse array of platforms and experiences, TYSN has emerged as the definitive media entity and partner to PSO's, leagues, clubs, teams and local businesses striving to make a powerful connection in their communities.