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National Capital Amateur Football Association
National Capital Amateur Football Association

NCAFA Fall Tackle Program Registration

General Information

The Fall Tackle season runs from mid-August through early November.  Many Clubs have tryout camps and practices starting in late spring and going though the summer.  It is open to everyone ages 6 to 18.  Note that not all Clubs field all age groups.  

Our Fall Tackle program is territory based which means that players must register with the Club whose territory or zone they live in.  The exception to this are players who do not live in an assigned territory or zone.  They may register with any Club they wish.

Please check with your local Club for details of their program including schedules and payment.

1. Identify which Club you should register with.

If you played Fall Tackle at the Tyke, Mosquito, Peewee, Bantam or Midget level with NCAFA in the previous season, you can register with the same Club you did last year or you can register with another Club if you live in their territory.  Use the map below to identify which Club territory you live in.

If you did not play Fall Tackle last year or played at the Mite level you need to identify which Club to register with by using the map below.  If you address is in an area not designated to a Club, you can register with whatever Club you wish.

Territory Map

In the map above, you will see different coloured territories and zones. By clicking on a coloured territory, you can see which Club it represents. Use the tools on the upper left hand side of the map to move the map around and to zoom in and out to locate where you live. The territory that you are in represents which NCAFA club you should play for.   If you live in a zone designated to several Clubs, you can choose any one of the Clubs listed in that zone.  If you don't live in one of the NCAFA territories, that's okay - you may still be able to play - you are considered as 'open territory' and can choose to play for any association.

Unsure of which Club to register with?  Email

2. Register with your Provincial Association

If you are registering for the Gatineau Vikings you can skip this step and go to step 3 below.  To register with any other Club, you first must be a member of Football Ontario.

  • If you are already registered for this year with Football Ontario, have your membership number ready and go to step 3 below.  The registration number will be FO-xxxx-xxxxx where the x's are numbers
  • If you NOT already registered with Football Ontario,  go to their website and follow the links to the National Registry.   Here is the direct link  Once you have done this, record your membership number (it will be FO-xxxx-xxxxx where the x's are numbers) and go to step 3 below.

3. Register with the Club identified in step 1.

Click on the logo of the Club you are registering with.  You will be directed to their website to complete your registration.

Registration is OPEN for the Clubs listed below.

South Ottawa Mustangs

Gatineau Vikings

Nepean Eagles

North Gloucester Giants

Orleans Bengals

Bel-Air Copeland Lions & Norsemen

West Carleton Wolverines

Myers Riders

Cornwall Wildcats

Bell Warriors

Gloucester South Raiders

Cumberland Panthers

Kanata Knights

Registration is CLOSED for the Clubs listed below.