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2018 Inter-Provincial Bowl - Recap

By Jesse Card 11/12/2018, 11:30am EST

Montreal executes clean sweep (4-0) at 2018 Bowl Series

The final whistle on Saturday night , from Montreal, marked the end of the 2018 NCAFA and Montreal civil Football seasons, as the 2nd Annual Inter-Provincial Bowl Series came to a close. 

The feedback from parents, coaches and the greater Ottawa and Montreal Football communities was overwhelming to put things modestly. The hospitality shown by the Montreal league representatives and their volunteers was nothing short of first class and definitely raised the bar for this new annual season ending celebration. 

Firstly, the game day facilities at Stade Hebert were spectacular, offering both the visiting and host teams fully functional change rooms, showers and amenities provided by the host hospitality services. Finished rest rooms were available for all spectators and players which went a long way to make the traveling Ottawa / NCAFA teams feel right at home during their Inter-Provincial experience. 

The on field results were clear - as Montreal took the series 4 games to none and increased their all -time series score (over two years) 6-1. The clean sweep in the 2018 Bowl Series has raised questions about how Football is structured in Ottawa and has also provided a good goal to work towards in developing local community teams capable of competing at a provincial calibre level. 

MOSQUITO - 76 - 00 ( St. Lazare Stallions > Nepean Eagles)

PEEWEE - 48 - 33 (I'll Bizarre Vikings > Cumberland Panthers)

BANTAM - 32 - 14 (La Salle Warriors > Cumberland Panthers)

MIDGET - 37 - 7 (Sun Youth Hornets > West Ottawa Knights)

Like Ottawa, The Montreal teams competing in the Bowl series were the local championship teams at the city level and are not all-star teams composed of out of territory players much like the Ottawa's NCAFA representatives are. Unlike the summer football programs in Ontario, NCAFA has always stayed true to developing it's local territories, promoting Football in these districts and keeping Football accessible through subsidized league fees and player registration costs. The result is more, not less players playing the game of Football in both these cities and developing average ability players into high level players capable of not only playing at the higher levels, but also of becoming quality coaches in the these league themselves one day. 

NCAFA would like to personally thank Renzo Fraraccio (QMFL) and all their volunteers, Linda Bennett (QBFL) all their volunteers, and Scott MacDermott (MRFL / LFRM) all their volunteers for all their had work and dedication to Football this weekend and beyond.


NCAFA presents - 2nd Inter-Provincial Bowl Series

By Jesse Card 11/06/2018, 5:30pm EST

Inter-Provincial Bowl Series Returns This Saturday From Montreal

The 2018 Inter-Provincial Bowl Series goes this Saturday, November 10th from Montreal. Our Quebec partners will host the season finale Bowl series. 

In 2017, NCAFA hosted the event from Carleton University which saw the hometown teams win 1/3 games. 


The Myers Riders beat Chateauguay Raiders 26-14 (WIN)

The Kanata Knights lost to The Sun Youth Hornets 31-06 (LOSS)

The Nepean Eagles lost to The North Shore Mustangs 18-10 (Loss)

The games will be broadcasted live via HESN - go visit their youtube channel and subscribe


11am - [Mosquito] Nepean Eagles vs st lazarre stallions 
1pm - [ Peewee ] Cumberland Panthers vs Ile Bizarre Vikings
4pm - [ Bantam ] Cumberland Panthers vs LaSalle Warriors
7pm - [ Midget ] West Ottawa Knights vs Sun Youth Hornets

All Games Will Be Available Online (LIVE). Stay tuned to social media for links.... COMING SOON....


“The QMFL has a long-standing tradition of excellence and the NCAFA is looking forward to the partnership that will promote this great game at this highly competitive level.” Stephen Dean, President- NCAFA.

“In the NCAFA we found a partner who shares a common vision and goal to promote the sport and the opportunities for growth it represents for our players and coaches.” Renzo Fraraccio, President – QMFL

About the QMFL and NCAFA 

The QMFL was formed in 1978 and has 11 teams. The NCAFA was formed in 1955 and has five midget teams participating in the Big Ten conference. Stay tuned for more exciting news as we announce the 2018 schedule and establish regular podcasts and power rankings.

Championship Weekend

By Jesse Card 10/24/2018, 4:45pm EDT

Oct 31st - Nov 4th

The wait is finally over and Championship weekend is almost upon us. Championship weekend is NCAFA's true homecoming and celebration of the sport for all those that have been involved with the game at some point in their lives. 

This year, the Myers Riders will be hosting and organizing the festivities from The Nepean Sportsplex (AKA Minto Field). 

Be sure to check the new NCAFA.CA website to see when the games will be happening, or check out the LIVE broadcasted action starting on Saturday night with the Ottawa Midget Championship and all day Sunday with the Tyke, Mosquito, Peewee and Bantam A Cup Championships. These games will be broadcasted live via Facebook and youtube curtesy of HESN.