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National Capital Amateur Football Association
National Capital Amateur Football Association

NCAFA Flag Football

NCAFA Flag Football Contact Info

Scroll down the page to find the table with all flag football contact information for clubs offering flag football. 

NCAFA Competitive Flag Football ID Camp (Boys and Girls)

Feb 5, 12 at Earl of March Secondary School  

U14 and U16 1-2:30 pm U18 and U20 2:30 - 4 pm

Looking to identify interested players and coaches who want to take part in the Competitive Ontario Provincial Championships (June 3,4 Georgetown).

After the ID camp there will be training 1-2 days per week through March and April. During the flag football season there would be one practice per week. Exhibition games will be played against other competitive programs. Potential tournaments in Burlington (April) and Ottawa (May). This program is meant to be a compliment to the NCAFA season not replace it.

Cost is $10 per session (cash).   Sign up for the sessions at this link.

2023 Flag Football Tournaments

Exciting news, three flag football tournaments announced for Ontario.

April 15, 16 Burlington

May 20, 21 Ottawa

July 8, 9 St. Catherines

The tournaments will, at a minimum, offer U12, U14, U16 boys and girls divisions. Each tournament will potentially offer U10, U18, and U20 divisions. More details to follow, stay tuned. 

NCAFA Flag Football Indoor Sessions -- Free

All boys and girls, experienced or new to the game,  are welcome to come out to some free flag football sessions. The sessions are 9-12 at Bell High School. January 22, 29, February 5,12 and March 5, 26

9-10:30 U10, U12, first half hour is for throwing practice, next hour is football skills.

10:30-12 U14, U16, U20, skills

10:30-12 U14, U16, U20 Qb training

Clink on this link and add yourself to the sessions you want to attend.

2023 Ontario Flag Football Championships

The Ontario Flag Football championship will take place June 3, 4 in Georgetown. This championship is more of a competitive opportunity for very keen and able players. NCAFA will have a role in helping form Ottawa teams in open and female divisions (U14, U16, U18, U20 and Senior). 

2023 NCAFA Flag Football Information

The 2023 NCAFA Flag Football season will commence Saturday May 27 and will conclude Sunday June 25. The open division will plays its games on Saturday while the girls division will play its games on Sunday. This year we will have a kickoff tournament on the long weekend in May (20, 21) in Nepean (separate from our league schedule).

Our past season saw the addition of boys (open) divisions to our girls program. Clubs formed 108 teams and there were more than 1300 participants. Clubs generally begin registration early in the new year. Introduction and skill development can begin with winter opportunities but all clubs really get things going in late April or early May. See below for club contact information. 

Cumberland Panthers Girls Football Winter Program (all welcome)

Cumberland Panthers are running a winter training program for girls in football (tackle, flag, & touch) and for anyone who wants to try it out. Sessions run Fridays at the Embrun Dome. December to end of March. See registration link for all dates and times. 

Here is the registration link if you know anyone who would like to participate:

This form also has all the information about the program, so take a look at your leisure.

Additionally, if you know of anyone who would like to be apart of the coaching staff/volunteers feel free to give them my email.

Caitlin Ivany (
Cumberland Panthers Girls Flag Football Coach and Coordinator
Cumberland Panthers U18 Women’s Tackle Team Coach and Trainer

NCAFA Flag Football Club Contacts

Club Open Girls Contacts
West Carleton Open: U10, U12, U14, U16 Girls: U12, U14, U16, U20 Open:
Kanata Open: U10 Girls: U12, U14, U16, U20 Open:
Bell Open: U8, U10, U12, U14, U19 Girls: U12, U14, U16, U20 Open:
Bel-Air Open: U10, U12, U14, U16, U19 Open:
Nepean Open: U8, U10, U12, U14, Girls: U12, U14, U16, U20 Open:
Gloucester South Open: U10, U12, U14, U16, U19 Open:
Ottawa South Open:U10, U12, U14, U16 Open:
Cumberland Open: U8, U10, U12, U14 Girls: U12, U14, U16, U20 Open:
Gatineau Open: U10, U12, U14, U16
Kemptville Open: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16

Message from NCAFA VP of Non-Contact to players, coaches and parents.

Hello everyone. Here we go with an exciting 2022 flag football season. I am really looking forward to it as well as being nervous about what we are trying to achieve. 

First some important reminders.

We are playing the Football Canada flag rulebook. We are using the U16 and younger variation which means we are all playing the shorter field and no forward handoffs or passes that don't cross the line of scrimmage. U10 starts play with ball in qb hand. At U16 and above coaches aren't allowed on the field (they could have huddles at the sideline if the team hustled back and forth). 

So here is a status report of what is happening. 

Fantastic turnout. 110 teams. Incredible. Big challenges ahead because of it. 

Schedule is bigger than anything we have ever made. It is important you look at field layout maps on this page. 

Getting everyone to the correct field will be a challenge.  Coaches keep letting me know of scheduling issues. Your coordinators have the link to schedule master spreadsheet. 

I will be telling you about the final weekend schedule June 24 and June 26 soon. Both dates have playoff games, one game on Friday two games on Sunday just like all of our regular season games. 

To understand the game better read the condensed rules on this page and then move on to the full rulebook on this page. 

This year is very challenging as we really begin learning a new game (players, coaches, parents and refs). It is going to take 2-4 years to really get this going. We all have to be patient with each other so that we can move together to achieving a great league that provides players with a great chance to participate and excel in the great game of football. 

Our need for refs is very large. About 20 per Friday or Sunday (not including U10 games). Previously it was about 14. Covid has decreased the number of officials participating. I have recruited a number of female high school touch football players to work U10 games and as they progress some older divisions. Please be patient with them. They will get better and better every week. 

The recent storm has not helped the ref situation. More than a few are without power and have difficulty returning messages or getting web access to accept games. It has come to light that some would love to ref but are a bit reluctant because they are new to the flag game. At the end of the day I am working non-stop to have refs for every game but I don't know what is exactly going to happen in this regard. If you don't have any refs it is expected that coaches will provide the reffing. I have tried to schedule a number of interclub games on Friday, I hope this helps the coach reffing if this has to occur. 

The enjoyment and healthy activity that I see every week at practices gets me very excited about this great expansion of youth flag football. We have already begun to see the better provincial and national opportunities as two Ottawa girls teams (U16 and U18) recently won the provincials and are attending Nationals in PEI in August. 

Flag football is a wonderful game to learn how to run, catch, throw and think! No game combines as many fundamental movements as flag football. 

Exiting covid, a damaging storm and incredible league growth will challenge us this year.  Understanding and patience will get us through it.  My hope is that each week our league gets better and better, culminating in a fantastic championship weekend. 

Thanks for your time. 

Rod Moors (NCAFA VP (Flag Football))

2022 Senior National Flag Football Championships in Ottawa

The 2022 Senior National Flag Football championships for men and women will take play in Ottawa at Carleton University from Friday August 5 - Sunday August 7. 

Teams from across Canada will battle it out for national supremacy and the opportunity to represent Canada in international competitions (2023). 

Carleton University is a great venue to hold this competition with its 2 turf fields. Game play will run from 11 am - 11 pm on the first two days and from 9 am - 3 pm on Sunday. 

NCAFA, Football Ontario and Football Canada are looking for youth and adult volunteers to help run the tournament. Adults can help administer the gate, supervise youth volunteers , field setup, and general assistance. The main area for youth to volunteer is scoring and timing the games. Two players per game is desirable and we have 2-4 games running at the same time. 

Please email if you are interested in helping out. Youth volunteers would sign up for 2-4 hr time slots while adults would sign up for 2-6 hr time slots. 

Redblacks NCAFA Flag Events


Monday Night NCAFA Flag Football at TD Place 

Monday Night Football is coming to TD Place. Join us on Monday June 6th for an opportunity like no other. You and your team are able to register for the NCAFA Flag football event happening from 6-10pm. Teams will have the chance to play one of their flag football games on the same field as the REDBLACKS. On top of this, every player participating in the event will get a ticket to the REDBLACKS game on June 30th! Registration is $35 per player. Contact your coach or club to express interest in having your team participate. 


NCAFA Flag Football Night at TD Place on Thursday June 30
Come out to celebrate a great season of NCAFA flag football on June 30 as the RedBlacks take on the BC Lions. The RedBlacks are elated to host the year end party for anyone associated with NCAFA Flag Football. Depending on sales players attending the game will be invited to take part in experiences before the game and at half time. Please contact Mitch Schnitzler @ 613-696-9994 or to get your team  or club set up with tickets. Attendees will be receiving NCAFA discount prices. 

Volunteers Needed See Below

Volunteers needed to help with the tournament. Scores, statisticians and general helpers. Please email (NCAFA VP non-contact) to apply or learn more about these volunteer positions. This is a great way to get involved and see the action and great players up close. 

National Women's Football Weekend

Come out and watch two great aspects of women's football. The first ever women's intercollegiate flag football championship and the National Women's tackle football tryout. All of the action is at Carleton University. 

NCAFA Flag Football Program

NCAFA - Changing the way we play Non-Contact

Monday January 25, 2021

(OTTAWA) – The National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) is excited to announce changes to their non-contact programs offered throughout the National Capital region. Building on the great success of its girls touch football program, NCAFA will be transitioning to now offer flag football to both Girls and Boys (ages 8 - 21).  This transition to flag football will provide a new and better opportunity for girls who participate in the non-contact program.  The introduction of the boys flag football program is a wonderful development to the programs offered by NCAFA. Keep your eye on for further updates.

The season is scheduled to run from May through the end of June 2021, while continuing to follow provincial and municipal directives associated with COVID-19.  The safety of players, coaches, referees and families remains paramount while seeking innovative solutions so our valuable sports programs can endure and thrive.

“ the introduction of  flag football programs for both girls and boys within our participating clubs is a great opportunity for kids to get on the field and experience a great sport.  Whether it be tackle or flag or both, NCAFA has a goal to make sure that every child interested in football has a chance to experience it  - no matter what and we look forward to making this a reality with the continued support of the OSEG Foundation.” said Gawain Harding, President - NCAFA.  

 Through NCAFA's continued partnership with the OSEG Foundation, “Our huddle includes everyone” remains a mission at the forefront of our objectives  to ensure that all players have the opportunity on the play either contact or non-contact football on the field, with the aim to build not only essential football skills but also develop life skills and friendships for years to come.  The league encourages sportsmanship on and off the field, and provides fun and exciting competition while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for Ottawa youth.  

National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) - A 66 year old league and counting, NCAFA is the oldest and largest youth football  league in the Ontario Football Alliance. With over 2200 players from Ottawa and the surrounding areas, NCAFA is one of the most inclusive leagues, providing opportunities to kids from the ages of 8 - 21 to learn the game of football in all formats (contact and non-contact).

OSEG Foundation – The OSEG Foundation goal is to ensure all children and youth in our community have the opportunity to play, learn and develop through sports.  At the OSEG Foundation, we believe that by sharing our passion for sports through structured youth development programs, kids will have an opportunity to excel and reach their full potential.  The OSEG Foundation will be a catalyst for social change by leveraging the power of sport to improve the lives of children and youth.

Recent News

Ready to Launch!

Team Ontario Flag Football female (U16 U18 U20 Senior)

Here is a plan for Team Ontario Flag Football 2022.

Selection camp (U16, U18, U20, Senior)

Saturday April 16 Megadome 5315 Abbott St E, Stittsville, ON K2S 0X310 am - 1 pm (younger groups probably first, older second), fee-about $60

Ottawa tournament : Saturday April 23, Minto field sportsplex. fee-$40 or less for U16, U18, U20, $30 or less for Senior

Ontario Provincials: London May 21-23, fee-about $40

Nationals (Senior): Ottawa August 5-7, fee-about $40

Eastern Regionals (U16, U18, U20): PEI August 9-14, fee-about $40

U16, U18, U20 practices and exhibition games would be scheduled so as not to conflict with the NCAFA season. 

Senior exhibition games and practices would be scheduled after consultation with participants. 

We have a great deal of talent in the Ottawa area. I hope Ottawa can be a great contributor to Team Ontario. I know involvement can be tricky since schedules are busy and we are trying to do this for the first time. There will be no conflict with the NCAFA flag football season. 

The goal of the selection camps is to find 1-2 teams that will attend the provincials. From the provincials a single team will be selected to attend the regionals or nationals. 

Participation in any event can be helpful to the development of the program. For example if you can attend the first two events but no others this can be very helpful to the program and it can help your involvement in this program in future years. 

Please answer the questions below so we can get an idea of the interest and commitment to dates of each person. Email responses to


Date of Birth:

Please state which events you can commit to at this time. (Apr 16, Apr 23, May 21-23, Aug 5-7 (Senior), Aug 9-14 (U16,U18, U20)

Feel free to email me any questions. 

Rod Moors (

NCAFA Vice-President (non-contact)


Carleton Ravens Girls Football Camp Winter 2019

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Individual Child Grant system. With this grant athletes aged 4-18 that are faced with a financial barrier to play will be eligible to receive a grant for up to 300$ per activity and 600$ per year.

Football Canada National Championships videos

This link takes you to the video playlists of Football Canada. Check out any of them that have flag in the playlist title.

Flag Football videos

Looking for flag football videos? This Panamanian site has many videos (male and female). Scroll way down to the bottom and there are many world championship videos which are great. One could also search "mundial flag football" to find them as well.


KidSport™ is a grass roots Canadian non-profit organization that provides support to under-resourced children and youth 18 years of age and under across the country by removing financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

CanadianTire Jumpstart

Raising funds. Lifting spirits. Supporting dreams. Jumpstart is more than just about getting kids active. It’s about giving kids from families in financial need the same chance to participate as their neighbours, their classmates and their friends. Whether it’s the chance to try a new sport or to continue with a favourite one, no kid should be left out. Organized sports connect kids to their communities. Canadian Tire Corporation is Jumpstart’s biggest supporter as it funds all the general administrative expenses of Jumpstart, which means 100% of customer donations go directly to help kids in need.