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Registration is CLOSED for the Fall Tackle Season

Please note that Registration is now closed for the Fall Tackle Football program.  Information will be posted later on for programs in 2019.

NCAFA Tackle Player Registration

Go to Step 1 below.

NCAFA Volunteer and Coach Registration

Click Here

Not sure which Club you are assigned to? 

1. Check by entering your address in the Address Checker below.

2. Click on your address in the Territory Map below.  

Then scroll down and click on the logo of your club and commence registration.  

Still not sure? Send an email to

Address Checker

If No result comes back you are most likely in Open Territory. Please check the Territory Map link above to confirm, or double check that your postal code is entered correctly.

Territory Map

In the map below, you will see different coloured territories. By clicking on a coloured territory, you can see which club it represents. Use the tools on the upper left hand side of the map to move the map around and to zoom in and out to locate where you live. The territory that you are in represents which NCAFA club you should play for. If you don't live in one of the NCAFA territories, that's okay - you may still be able to play - you are considered as 'open territory' and can choose to play for any association.

 Following sites are open for registration now.

Registration is Open for the Clubs listed below

Myers Riders

South Ottawa Mustangs

Gatineau Vikings

Bel-Air Copeland Lions & Norseman

Cornwall Wildcats

Nepean Eagles

Gloucester South Raiders

North Gloucester Giants

Kanata Knights

Cumberland Panthers

Bell Warriors

Orleans Bengals

West Carleton Wolverines

East Ottawa Generals

Rideau Red Blacks