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NCAFA launches it's Alumni Group, facebook network and Hall of Fame initiative

By Jesse Card, 01/28/19, 4:30PM EST


Alumni Group, facebook network and Hall of Fame initiative

NCAFA launches it's Alumni Group, facebook network and Hall of Fame initiative. In just a few days we have received 82 members and several people have posted some vintage and historic pictures. 

Join here -

The National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) alumni group is an online facebook network designed to bring past players, parents and volunteers together for the purpose of strengthening the league for generations to come. In the NCAFA constitution, NCAFA's vision reads "(1.2)

Vision -  To be the premiere sports association in the National Capital Region.

Help us by joining the group and searching for the club alumni group you were apart of. If your club doesn't have a group at the moment, just stay a member of the NCAFA alumni association. (more club alumni groups are being added weekly). 

In recent years, amateur sports have evolved and changed. Not always for the best. NCAFA prides itself on a few core values; 

  1. Fair Play
  2. Team Work  
  3. Discipline 
  4. Education
  5. Participation


We must ensure that we keep Football in the Ottawa region focused on these core principles and the cost of participating in Football related programs as low as possible. Entering its 64th season, NCAFA is asking for the community to join in its democratic processes, contribute to its illustrious history and not be seduced into short sighted and often competing programs. The Ottawa Football community has a rich history and we must educate those that follow us of the importance of loyalty, community and fighting for this great league.  

When you join the facebook group you are asked 3 simple questions. Please answer these questions and help us in our journey to name the first ever NCAFA Hall of Fame class (2019) with special Championship weekend presentation to follow. The facebook group also has an active poll in which you can nominate players, builders, coaches or volunteers.